Turn User Generated Social Content into Hotel Revenue & Direct Bookings

What does user generated content mean? Content you didn’t have to create yourself. That makes your job easier. User generated content for hotels includes guest images and videos posted on social profiles about their experience at your property, reviews on TripAdvisor or Google, or blogs mentioning your hotel. You can use this content to expand […]

Most Popular Social Media Management Tools for Hotels and Hospitality

Part of any successful marketing plan includes utilizing efficient social media management platforms with analytics tools. Let’s dive into to how these platforms can be specifically used in hotel and hospitality social media management. I’ve personally used these tools and share my experience from a user’s perspective. Hootsuite Hootsuite isn’t designed specifically for hospitality. The […]

Google is Saying Goodbye to Google+, Should I be Worried about SEO?

We all saw it coming, Google+ was under-utilized and even though it had some cool features, the adoption of Google+ was slow and lackluster at best. When the platform was introduced, Google created features addressing user privacy concerns with options to post content to specific user created groups. Google was attempting to meet user needs […]

Generate Direct Hotel Bookings with Adwords: How to Beat the OTA’s

Part One: The Basics of Branded Campaigns The online travel agencies like Expedia and are a blessing and a curse. As hoteliers, we need the OTA’s exposure power to generate bookings. On the flip side, they are our competitors for direct bookings. How do we combat the OTA’s millions of marketing dollars and sophisticated […]

How to use AdWords Ad Extensions to Generate Direct Hotel Bookings

PART TWO: Now that you have your branded campaigns running with a healthy ROI, it’s time to make them better by using ad extensions. Google’s ad extensions create more opportunities to increase click-thru-rate and highlight your hotels most popular information. Understand Your Guests Needs Fully utilizing Google’s ads extensions means understanding what’s most important to […]

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