The Science of Marketing


We have marketing down to a science. You have a need and we’re here to fulfill it.


Our “I” is on it

It’s in our core

Inspiration: We become inspired by your product or service.

Intelligence: Smart targeting of your core customers with data-driven decisions

Integrity: Marketing you can trust to maintain your brand

Intuitive: With over 20 years combined experience in a variety of industries, helping you reach your goals comes naturally

Inventive: Creativity is where we start and end

Fun: Just because there’s not an “I” in fun doesn’t mean we don’t have fun and truly enjoy helping your business grow.

Digital Agency & Core Marketing Services

The Science of Marketing at the Core

Whatever your goal, we will create a customized strategy and incorporate all areas of marketing that fit with your company and budgets. Our approach will be developed by understanding your customer, business needs/goals, and brand. And of course, using the five “i’s”.

Define Audiences

Define audiences using historical performance data.

Brand Awareness

Build & maintain brand awareness


Cross-channel attribution

Audience Amplification

Target look-a-like segments across channels & devices.


Generate & nurture prospects

Integrated Marketing

Integrated marketing campaigns using paid search, social media, display advertising, programmatic media buying, affiliate marketing

Empower your marketing with iCore

Performance Marketing

There’s nothing magical about ROI and reaching your goals. It all in the science. What does that mean?

  • Use Analytics and data to measure and scale results
  • Calculate and ROI on your cost per acquisition
  • Create scalable campaigns across all channels for maximum revenue realization

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Web Design & Development

As a business leader, you know first impressions count. The design and functionality of your website speaks volumes to your customers and guests. A well designed and user friendly tells visitors you care about their experience with your company from beginning to end.

Digital Lab

A friendly, educational blog that puts the science in marketing.

Turn User Generated Social Content into Hotel Revenue & Direct Bookings

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